Cassio Cardoso

About Me

I'm Cassio Cardoso, a software engineer specialized in front-end development with 8+ years of experience. I'm a brazilian guy from a small city in São Paulo state called Taubaté.

Currently I'm living in Berlin and working at Omio where I'm helping to make travel easy for milions of people.

Throughout my career I've had the opportunity to do web development in general, as well as design, business and management and I'm really happy to be able to enjoy all of these areas. Each of them needed a specific skill-set and it provided me with a lot of opportunities to grow and learn.

Previous experiences

My first experience with web development came at INPE, the brazilian institute for space research, where I was hired as a web developer in 2009 to work in the brazilian space research program. During my time there I did back-end development using PHP and MySQL and front-end with jQuery and Bootstrap.

In 2014 I moved to São Paulo city to work at a fast-fashion start-up called AMARO where I had the opportunity to do some interesting projects, both technically and also in a management role.

During my time there I had the opportunity to develop the front-end application for the first in-house e-commerce solution for the company all by myself. It was a great experience, where I learned a lot.

As the company grew, we started hiring for the development department and I spent around 18 months as the front-end team lead. During this period we developed a new front-end application for the e-commerce platform.

This new application was based on React, Redux and RxJS. It took around 6 months to be completed and it still powers the website of the company.

In november of 2017 I joined QuintoAndar where I helped making rental easy and cool for thousands of brazilians.

I decided that I needed a change to work on different projects, with different challenges and skills. I was looking for technical growth and as I joined QuintoAndar I was sure that I made the right decision.

Most of my work there was with front-end development, but I also had the opportunity to do some back-end adn devOps tasks which allowed me to acquire a set of skills that I didn't have before.


Favorite hobby?

I'm a sports guy. I've played soccer my entire youth and I always enjoyed the feeling of being part of a team and the adrenaline during the games.

From 2010 until 2015 I founded, played, coached and was a manager in a flag football team in my hometown called Taubaté Big Donkeys this was a great experience where I was able to make a lot of friends and collect some awesome memories.

Favorite game?

I'm a Pokémon fanatic. This is, by far, my favorite game series. Recently I bought a Nintendo Switch to play Pokémon Let's Go (chose the Pikachu version). I intend to buy some Nintendo classics that are being released to Switch in the near future, like Zelda, Mario and others (game indications are welcome).

I also play some casual games on my phone, mostly while I'm commuting to work.

Favorite musical style?

I like rock 'n' roll 🤘 a lot, so I'm usually listening bands from the 70s, 80s and 90s like AC/DC, Queen, Metallica. I also enjoy pop, pop-rock, and similar styles. My favorite bands nowadays are Muse and Imagine Dragons.

I also enjoy some brazilian music like: Charlie Brown Jr., Marcelo D2, CPM 22, Capital Inicial, Elza Soares (her last CD is a masterpiece).

While working-out I listen to a lot of rap and hip-hop songs, they give me that extra motivation to go through the exercises.